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Pink Floyd tribute concert

The Tribute Concert to Pink Floyd is in continuity with the other musical events that Diboiano S.r.l. has created and produced in the past years. This year’s event, however, has been designed more as a culmination of a cultural journey to rediscover, through music, values and ideals that the company itself continues to pursue. First of all, the sense of community and a willingness to identify with a group of people who share the same ideals and values. The music and the concert itself are always a very effective way to reaffirm an identity, togetherness and sharing spirits.

As in past years through the pre-festival event “Enjoy Bojano, Enjoy the nature”, the tribute to Pink Floyd is a time to stay together, to dream and remember with great music and reflect on the pristine and beautiful place in which we live and which deserves to be valued much more than it already is.