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Generations of grandparents, fathers and children have followed in these 60 years and together with the time that has passed, an ancient wisdom has been handed down made of simple gestures and movements designed to create a good product, genuine and full of love and attention.

The “1958 Slow Knead” line was born from the desire to celebrate our 60 years of activity by reaffirming the key points of our production.

Il Fior di Latte

Juicy and soft, perfectly rounded and white, she is the queen of our products.

Our Fior di latte is the ideal mozzarella for summer fresh meals but also for winter times, perfect to eat with just a slice of homemade bread and a drop of olive oil.

La Julienne and Il Cubettato

Two variants of the same excellent type of mozzarella essential for many recipes and your Pizza. Dry and tasty, its versatility is given by the format, ready to be used to season pizza and other oven recipes, you can also choose the Cubed or Julienne for the white flakes of product to sprinkle where we need it.

Both formats are customizable on request.

Il Filone

Another cornerstone of mozzarella for pizza and for catering in general. Filone is the ideal choice for all those who love slicing and prefer a drier product, which does not burn and does not release water on pizza or during your preferred oven cooking.

La “Pear-shape” Mozzarella

Similar to the Scamorza but fresher and more tender: she has two hearts! The head is wiry while the belly is softer, good for everyone. A great mozzarella for every occasion, to share with friends and family, you will fight for the head or the belly!

Both formats are customizable on request.

La Scamorza molisana

Drier and tastier consistence than the Pera for a mozzarella that is a small masterpiece of versatility in cooking. You can eat it grilled with truffles or use it fresh in the salad or melt it in the lasagne.

Try it even with homemade bread and a slice of smoked ham.