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Tualat srl

Products and logistic for Italy and Europe

Our story begins there, in Bojano, a small town in Molise, at the foot of mount Matese from where spring water draws, essential for excellent products and nationally wide famous for its long-lasting tradition in the dairy industry.

Our new factory based in Verona embraces our desire and our challenge to push our boundaries towards Europe refining our distribution network in Ho.Re.Ca. business and leveraging especially on the best-in-class logistic on the market that allow us to reach all European destination with a very short delay.

In Verona we brought all our know-how and the integrity that has always defined us.


Our brands

The trademarks that represent our values

Our 3 brands are oriented to satisfy a wide range of requests and client needs.

“1958 Slow Knead” has been created to celebrate our 60 years family history pointing out our best quality standard of production involving the “slow knead” production process that allow us to meet high demand client requests but at the same time to keep the Cheese master a the true and central owner of the transformation process notwithstanding industrial technologies.

The lines “Oasi Verde” and “Regina Diboiano” are also available upon request in case of specific needs in terms of packaging and marketing requirements.

Our history

Three generations of fathers and sons

Our history begins in the early 30’s of 1900 with the forefather Carmine Perrella who worked as cheese master in a factory in Bojano.

In 1958 Giovanni and Antonio, his sons, invested their savings to build a mozzarella cheese factory, this was when the Perrella family tradition started.

In 1984 Carmine e Claudio, Giovanni’s sons, expanded the distribution network on a national scale and enriched the selection of products.

In 2004 a new phase started with the birth of Diboiano srl company. This new entity had the purpose to spread the Perrella’s know-how worldwide with the experience in China.

In 2012 a brand new Perrella’s restaurant was born in China, in Hefei province.

In 2017 Tualat srl is founded with the goal to be closer to our clients in Northern Italy and to expand the distribution network in Europe.

It’s 2022 and Tualat srl is nowadays a company with a consolidated presence in the main European countries and with distribution and logistic agreements that allow us to operate efficiently.