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Regina Diboiano Golf Cup

Our Company is proud to have organized and sponsored the first “Double Luisiana” tournament at the  Golf Club in Isernia, opened in 2011 (www.iserniagolfclub.com).

The tournament was held on 22 July 2012 with the “double Luisiana“ mode on a 9 holes game, played twice. The “Luisiana” game is usually play in couple and can be considered as the easiest golf challange. Both of the players of the same team will shot from the tee and the best shot is chosen. The second shot will then be played by both the players from the same position (the best first shot) and once again the best shot will be chosen until the golf hole is reached. In this kind of game mode the handcap calculation is sensible decreased.

The tournament saw the partecipation of about 40 golf players and a great audience and press. Passion for nature and for entertainment has represented the perfect combination for the event.