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Our 7 Slowness Lessons

To celebrate our first 60 years with you, we have decided to share with you what we have learned so far. We give you these little lessons of slowness that, through an ancient and mysterious art, let us reflect on the importance of details and nuances in our lives. Thanks grandparents!

Approved by Giovanni Perrella, master cheesemaker born in 1931.


Lesson n.1: warm up the milk


Lesson n.2: add rennet and lactic ferments

Milk, a pure and perfect primordial element, which recalls to our memory the warmth and sweetness of the womb and all the most precious things of our childhood. From breakfasts from grandparents to snacks full of love. Enjoy!


Lesson n.3: be patient

This profession, like all those that require care and attention, is not made for everyone, there are people who are able to wait and who make this a moment of reflection and concentration. Patience is also part of the job and, indeed, patience is the virtue of the strong!


Lesson n.4: break the curd

Watching a master cheesemaker perform this gesture with confidence and ease makes everything seem simple. In reality they are slow and studied movements because: “The curd must be caressed!”. Word of Giovanni, master cheesemaker.


Lesson n.5: prepare the dough

Finally, after a long wait and work, the moment comes when the pasta is ready to be spun. But even this step requires technique and attention, to understand if the pasta is ready it only takes the touch of a real master cheese maker!

Lesson n.6: spin and form the mozzarella

The art of the master cheese maker explained in a few and fascinating gestures, quick and wise hands that shape the boiling pasta, giving life to small jewels of goodness.


Lesson n.7: share

Our most important message, life itself takes on a deeper meaning and mission when we decide to offer ourselves and our knowledge to the rest of the world. As human beings, deciding to open up and make others participate, we give a gift to all humanity, we give it a glimpse of the future, a new perspective.